Leyland Anti-Corrosive Metal Primer Combats Rust

Leyland Trade has expanded its range of coatings by introducing a new Leyland Anti-Corrosive Metal Primer, formulated to keep rust at bay.

The versatile coating is for both exterior and interior surfaces and can be applied to all metal types, including ferrous metals and suitably prepared non-ferrous metals.

Available in both Red Oxide and Grey, the primer delivers a matt finish which can be overcoated with any Leyland Trade trim products, such as Leyland Trade Undercoat and High Gloss or coatings from the Fast Drying Water-Based range.


Johnstone’s Advanced Multi-Surface Primer

Johnstone’s Trade has launched a new Advanced Multi-Surface Primer for painting over highly smooth surfaces.

Johnstone’s Advanced Multi-Surface Primer – a new highly-adhesive product – can be used any difficult-to-paint surface with little or no key that would normally see a paint film peel off, say Johnstone’s.

The quick drying, low odour and anti – corrosive primer can be over coated with both solvent and water-based products .

Johnstone’s Advanced Multi-Surface Primer can be applied directly onto new, untreated galvanised metal. This offers a safer option than using a mordant or t-wash solution, and reduces pre-treatment time for the project.